Our business was built with a simple mission – to create one of a kind, original, unique PRODUCT. We take great pride in making sure that our clients’ wishes are being met. We make a wide range of stained glass products. Stained glass windows, glass parts for doors, gates, furniture, lamps, souvenirs, figurines. You name it – we will make it happen! If you struggle with an idea for a gift – all you have to do is – get in touch with us, together we will create something perfect!

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Every item is 100% handmade, from start to the last finishing touches. The quality of the materials used speaks for itself. It takes time, devotion and precision for the order to be completed but if you are not a big fan of mass market creations then our products are what you have been looking for.

The entire production process begins with selection of the most suitable materials. Our aim is not only to create something that will ‘please the eye’, but also LAST. This is why you will receive ‘lifetime guarantee’ both for the permanence of the colours and joints.

We use highly valued Polish glass that comes from steels in Jaslo and Krosno. Gemstones and semi-precious Stones can also be incorporated if you so choose.

Prices vary and are based on considering a few factors:

  1. Materials used
    Prices of the glass will depend on the colour, intensity of it, type and quality. The cost may also be dependent on which steel it was obtained from. Gemstones and semi-precious can easily add the ‘wow-factor’ to the end product but may be pricey.
  1. Size
    It could be the contributing factor. However it is vital to understand that when it comes to handcraft all is relative. Time consumed, level of precision required will be the main contributors.
  1. Level of sophistication and complexity.
    Shape of the item ordered, number of elements it consists of.
  1. Time
    Precision is the key ingredient of the whole production process.

Summarising – pricing will be available after first consultation, once we have agreed on the design, materials and quantity.

We are also internationally certified by RoHS. All the pieces are made without any lead involved. The classic method may be used instead upon request.